The fourth industrial revolution is happening. This phase delivers new-invented technology that is hardly found decades ago. Artificial intelligence, internet of things, virtual/augmented reality, and big data analytics are some of the popular new disruptive technologies that will change the landscape of the business industry, including Islamic finance.

The universal value of Islam basically accommodates any transaction as long as it complies with shari’a law. The new trend of financial technology (fintech) start-up has altered the way of Muslim community buy or sell goods and service as well as the way they invest their money. As Islamic scholars, it is urgent to catch up with that technology advancement in order to provide shari’a guidance to the community.

From Islamic banking perspectives, the struggling to compete with conventional system is still the major issue. Currently, the penetration of Islamic banking could not meet the market share expectation since the first Indonesia Islamic bank is in 1992. The Islamic banking industry has fallen behind in innovate their service, especially related to technology.

Through the general lecture, the speaker, M. Fany Alfarisi, SE, MS Fin, PhD, CFP, inspired the students of FEB UNIDHA to be able to deal with future Islamic finance challenge. Modernising the digital transaction strategies and adopting new age cool-fintech trends that meet shari’a compliance is needed to set up the next level of Islamic finance.

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FEB UNIDHA General Lecture: Islamic Finance in Industrial Revolution 4.0

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