Padang, 8 December 2018 – UNIDHA held a debriefing to cultivate high-quality graduates that able to continuously improve their career development. While the landscape of skill demand has been changing, the forecasting of its supply shows the slow improvement to catch up with market needs. Due to this reason, the two speakers, Drs H. Endrizal, S.E., M.Si (Trade Office of Padang) and Silvia Nelly, S.E., M.M. (Bank Nagari Syariah) were invited to this event to open wider perspective regarding post-graduates world. Eventhough the job market is remarkably tight, but the two speakers believed that UNIDHA’s graduates are able to cope with that challenge. The rationale is that UNIDHA students are equipped with academic knowledge and relevant skills that would be valuable in their careers such as rapid learning and adaptation, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

Debriefing of Graduates: Facing the Challenge of Future Job Market

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